What is Autism?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), or Autism for short, can be very broadly be described as inability to interact socially with people. People affected by Autism are typically more interested in objects / things than in people around them. Though not exhaustive, here are some symptoms exhibited by people / children affected by autism spectrum disorder:

Autistic people are socially disinclinedLack of interest in creative pretend play

Deficit in Social Interaction : Lack of interest in creative pretend play, interacting with peers and surrounding. Dislikes variety or change of any kind.

Autistic people face communication issuesAutistic people may “hand-lead” to the desired object

Deficit in Communication Ability : May not communicate typically by verbalizing or pointing; instead they may “hand-lead” to the desired object. May have decreased eye-contact, or copy / repeat words like a parrot (echolalia).

Autistic people exhibit Repetitive BehaviorsAutistic people exhibit Bizarre Behaviors

Bizarre / Repetitive Behaviors (Self-Stimulation): Staring at ceiling fans for hours, spinning, rocking, flapping and licking their fingers, etc.

For more information, head on to: http://www.tellmeaboutautism.org