To help adults with Autism live full and independent lives as equal and included citizens.

This project aims to provide good quality short and long-term, customised respite and residential facilities, for care and protection of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). ALFAA aims to extend, with open arms, a campus with all facilities that a person with Autism may need when their parents grow old and weak and are unable to continue giving care to them and in the the worst case if one or both parents or guardian are no more.


  • Provision of relevant services for adolescents and adults with autism.
  • Increasing awareness of autism.
  • Empowering parents and helping smaller groups of parents in other places to start a similar set up so that a network of this facility is formed in the country.
  • Appropriate assessment of needs for those with autism.
  • Local leadership for Autistic Society of India and social care in relation to the provision of services for adults with autism. . .