Autism Village



sept 2009 007

On Site picture of the Proposed Campus.

ALFAA has an ambitious Vision of setting up a network of self sustainable and completely assisted Campuses for Adults with Autism all over the country. The first of its kind  Village Campus is slated to come up in the outskirts of Bangalore. The proposed village will have boarding facilities for Autistic adults, along with state-of-the-art architecture and round-the-clock support staff to take care of the dwellers.

The Village will be built keeping in mind the special needs of Adults having AUTISM. Apart from providing complete boarding facilities, there will be ample provisions for Occupational and Vocational Training so as to help the residents in social rehabilitation and overall skills development. The project will be funded by parents of such children who may form a parent self help group as well as those who empathize with the predicament faced by the Autistic people and that of their families.

Architectural plan of one unit with 2 sets of 6 single cottages

Cottage (3)

room layout1newEach Set will house 2 Carer / Assistant in-charge of 4 Adults with Autismroom layout 2new

Cottage (1)Each room is attached with bathroom shared by adjacent rooms…

The Corner rooms will be the Carers room so that each carer is immediately responsible for the 2 residents on either side.

Therefore, the vision is to have 4 Carers (in each UNIT) who would be responsible and assisting 8 Adults with Autism at all times. Other Daily/ Day support staff will be there to help during the day time.

There will be 3 such complete independent Units in one campus…

Apart from this the campus will have…

  • Sheltered Workshops
  • Training Rooms
  • Medical Inspection Room
  • Mess with Dinning Hall
  • Meditation Hall / Wellness center
  • Sensory Gymnasium
  • Safe swimming pool with Jacuzzi (for sensory stimulation)
  • Lots and lots of garden space and “cooling off” green backyards
  • Guest studio apartments for old parents who wish to stay on the campus



If you are interested in donating funds to ALFAA, please do get in touch – we need people like YOU to come forward and help us in our much needed and Ambitious Dream Project.