Facilities @ ALFAA

The campus would include residential cottages and ground plus one storey flats as living comforts for the hostlers. Apart from this, special care would be taken to have ample amount of lung space and walkways, play area and small tree groves. The campus would have 24 hrs security and regular health care services would also be provided. Around the clock care and assistance will be the back bone of the project. The ALFAA Campus is committed to provide for assisted living and cater exclusively for adults with ASD and provide opportunity for self expression and growth.

Diagnostic Services:

One of the major difficulties faced by parents of children with autism in India is obtaining an accurate diagnosis. A parent may take their child to a pediatrician only to be reassured that their child is just “slow”. Unsatisfied, they may visit a psychologist, to be told their child is “mentally subnormal.” Convinced that their child does not fit the typical picture of mental retardation, they may visit a psychiatrist, to be told that their child has attention deficit disorder, and must be put on medication to control hyperactivity. After months of sedation and unsatisfactory progress, they may again begin a cycle of searching for the correct name for their child’s problem. Some doctors may feel that nothing can be gained by a diagnosis of autism if the services are not there; yet, as more children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and more awareness of the disorder spreads, there will be a demand for services. Schools will be forced to educate themselves if they find that more of the population they serve is effected with autism.

Sheltered Workshops:

Several sheltered workshops will be part of the vocational training and daily living department that will keep the hostelers and day boarders engaged and occupied in work that entertains and absorbers them for a considerable period of time (keeping in view their short attention span) through the day.

Simple tasks such as packaging, chopping of vegetables, laundry, paper glass making, banana stem plate making, garland and jewellery making, Painting and ceramic work (like tiles making) would be encouraged in these workshops

Self Grooming Unit

Alternately the campus will also have a separate self grooming set up where stimulatory and sensory indulgence will be taught as an engagement. Sensory grooming such as pedicure and manicure, body building and gym training, use of vibrating chairs and messager, Swimming and cycling, sand walking and sauna bathing are to name a few.