Assisted Living For Autistic Adults (ALFAA) was founded in 2009 by a mother hounded by these worrying questions and sad state of facilities available in India.The primary objective of ALFAA was to create good quality living conditions and related facilities for adults with Autism in India.

Today there are several organizations in India that provide support and various services to people with autism. However, these organizations do not provide residential facilities exclusively for autistic adults.

ALFAA aims to fill this need by providing good quality short-term and long-term residential facilities, for the care and protection of people with autism spectrum disorder, when the parents get old and even in the event of death of the parent(s) or guardian.

ALFAA also provides counseling to people with autism spectrum disorder and their families; serves as the voice for autism and promotes awareness of autism in society.


The proposed day care residential campus would be developed on 2.25 acres of land in the natural surrounding of north Bangalore, 55 kilometers from Bangalore International airport near Chikkaballapur (Giriapalli village near Mittemari). The neighboring villages would serve as pool of employable care givers and ancillary helper for the ALFAA campus. Thus we are committed to creating job opportunities for the rural people living in nearby surrounding villages.

The campus would include residential cottages and ground plus one story flats as living comforts for the hostlers. Apart from this, special care would be taken to have ample amount of lung space and walkways, play area and small tree grooves. The campus would have 24X7 security and regular health care service would also be provided. The ALFAA Campus would cater exclusively for adults with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and provide opportunity for self expression and growth.